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Roasted to Perfection

Whether you serve one or 1000 cups of Mocopan coffee to your customers each day, you can rely on our coffee to be consistent in quality, supplied at its optimal freshness. This happens for many reasons.


Mocopan not only has one of the largest, state-of-the-art roasters in Australia – a 300kg Brambati Roaster with 32-ton green-bean storage capacity – we also have one of the most experienced and most reputable master roasters in Australia.

Peter Stathos is the Master Roaster and Operations Manager for Mocopan Coffee. He ventured into the coffee industry over 20 years ago and has always had a real passion for coffee and today he enjoys having input into the whole journey of the coffee bean, from start to finish.


Mocopan is committed to quality at every step in our coffee-making process. Our company is HACCP certified and winner of the 2011 Outstanding Large Low-Risk Company at the Australian HACCP Awards. Mocopan is also SQF 2000 certified.

Each green bean used at Mocopan is checked by the quality control department through pre-shipment and shipment sampling. Upon arrival, each bean is passed through a green bean cleaner.

The beans are then roasted using an automated roast-profiling system; this ensures the quality remains consistently high. Each batch then undergoes a colour and moisture check; the roasted coffee then passes through a destoning process.

Post the destoner, the coffee travels through a broken-bean separator and into the automated packaging system. The packing process encompasses further quality control checks, such as metal detection, seal integrity and weight checks.

Last but by no means least, cupping is performed daily on each batch; the final quality check before the coffee is released to market.


At Mocopan, we understand the importance of freshness.

Coffee freshness can be perceived as having to consume the coffee immediately or as soon as possible after roasting. This is not necessarily correct. Coffee continues to release carbon dioxide for up to one month after roasting and prior to grinding. Therefore, coffee requires a period of ‘acclimatisation’ to allow the gases to settle and the flavour to further develop.

At Mocopan we believe our coffees are at their optimum to consume between 14-28 days post roasting. This consumption window drives our planning and inventory levels and ensures the coffee you and your customers receive is at its optimal freshness.