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Flying Cup

Flying Cup 



Our spiced Chai Latte flavoured beverage mix offers newfound versatility. It’s easy to make as a hot latte or as a cold frappe. Your customers will love this perfectly balanced blend.


Made with fine quality cocoa, our rich and creamy hot chocolate powder will delight your customers, including your hot chocolate connoisseurs. Create the same indulgent taste whether you are asked to blend it with full-cream, skim or low-fat milk. Even your most discerning customers will keep coming back for more.

full cafe SYRUP RANGE

Flying Cup Cafe Syrups are a range of 8 delicious syrups made locally in New Zealand. There are so many reasons to love Flying Cup syrups so we’ll just name a few: Gluten Free, Fair-trade Certified, All Natural Colours, All Natural Flavours, 100% Natural Cane Sugar and no GMO’s and the best part? They don’t just look great, they taste great too!

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