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Mocopan Sustainability Blends

Sustainability is about ensuring the things we do today to meet our needs don’t compromise the ability of future generations to meet theirs. At Mocopan, we have made a commitment to environmental, economic and social sustainability, being the one of the largest buyers of responsibly sourced beans in Australia.

We partner with recognised sustainability organisations such as Rain Forest Alliance and Fair Trade to ensure that coffee has a beneficial effect on everyone who's involved in the process.



Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM farms plant trees, reduce chemical use, protect soil, waterways and wildlife whilst also ensuring workers’ rights are respected and that there is access to education and healthcare for farm workers and their families. Find out more at www.rainforest-alliance.org.

Fairtrade Certification ensures small farmer organisations receive fair prices and additional funds for developing their business and their communities – through investing in education, healthcare and infrastructure. When it comes to coffee, it means:

  • a fair and stable price is paid
  • security of long-term contracts
  • investment in local community development
  • improved working conditions
  • environmentally sustainable farming methods
  • support in gaining the knowledge and skills needed to operate successfully in the global economy.

Find out more at http://www.fairtrade.com.au.

Country: Brazil, Costa Rica and Mexico

Region: Minas Gerais of Brazil, San Jorge of Costa Rica, Chiapas of Mexico
Certification: 100% Fairtrade sourced
Altitude: 600-1700 MASL
Processing Method: Dry and wet processed
Roast: Medium
Aroma and Flavours: Aroma and flavours: A true all-round blend with a hazelnut fragrance and hint of spice clove in its aroma. It boasts the sweetness of chocolate and spice notes yet with milk delivers a smooth caramel finish.
Serving Suggestions Espresso, milk-based drinks
Country: Ethiopia

Region: Djimmah
Certification: Fairtrade Organic Certified
Altitude: 1500-1800 MASL
Processing Method: Dry process / sun dried
Roast: Medium
Aroma and Flavours: Well-rounded, full-bodied coffee, characteristically spicy with ginger and earthy notes and a presence of stone fruits.
Serving Suggestions Espresso, or with minimal milk; piccolo or macchiato
Awards: Silver medal, Espresso Category, 2012 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards
Bronze medal, Plunger Category, 2012 Royal Sydney Show
Country: Brazil, Costa Rica and India
Region: Estate of Minas Gerais of Brazil, San Jorge of Costa Rica and Karnataka Region of West Ghats Mountain, India
Altitude: 600-2300 MASL
Processing Method: Dry and wet processed
Roast: Light
Aroma and Flavours: Delivers a strong and truly complex and distinctive espresso. An earthy coffee flavour with good acidity; spicy with rich dark chocolate notes. It has a wonderfully thick and rich hazelnut golden crema and is suited for use in milk-based drinks due to its exceptional ability to cut through the milk.
Serving Suggestions Filter/plunger, espresso, milk based
Awards: Bronze medal, Milk-based Category, 2012 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards
Country: Central America
Certification: Fairtrade Certified
Region: Central America
Processing Method: Mountain water decaffeination process
Roast: Light- medium
Aroma and Flavours: Uniquely aromatic; it’s light and bright on the palette, has slightly sweet undertones and balance. This delicious espresso coffee can be served black or with milk.
Serving Suggestions Espresso, milk based

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