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Barista Training

Even with the very best ingredients and the ultimate espresso equipment, that perfect cup of coffee you’re dreaming of consistently serving to each and every customer will not eventuate if your barista isn’t up to scratch. It’s not enough to give your barista a ‘quick run through’ and hope for the best. In fact, it can be detrimental to the long-term viability of your business.

At Mocopan, we recognise the value of high-level barista training and are committed to developing your skills in this area. We offer a range of non-accredited and accredited training programs.

We don’t believe in training people just once either. Continual barista training is important if you truly want to enrich your customers’ experience. For this we offer an Integrated Coffee Training Program (ICTP) tailored for your business and available to be given at your location. Whether you are a stand-alone cafe in a metro area, a cafe in regional Australia, or are part of a national coffee franchise network, we have something to suit all needs and sizes. ICTP offers a range of training programs, coupled with audits and barista competitions, designed to establish and enhance a passionate coffee culture within your business and ensure your baristas and the coffees you serve are of the highest standard.


Non-Accredited: Barista Basics, Advanced Barista and MasterClass.

Accredited: Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee, Plan and Monitor Espresso Coffee Service.

How To: YouTube videos for those who can’t always make a training session.

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